CFD or natural ventilation?

Dear All
Kindly is there a way to make a CFD simulation or to test natural ventilation using ladybug tools? If there is please help by sending me tutorials, topics, or codes. Please note it’s for study purposes as I am P.h.D student.
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Hello, I think you can do CFD simulation with Butterfly plugin.

Thanks for your kind reply. Do you suggest any helpful tutorials or codes?

:rose:…You can use also Ansys fluent for CFD simulation or Autodesk CFD.

Yes dear I know about Ansys, but I didn’t use yet. Actually I am thinking of optimizing a complicated shapes that why I ask about ladybug tools. I heard that Ansys is not architectural friendly!

Is Autodesk CFD easy to use and validated?

I dont really know… I just hear about it…

Thanks a lot dear Hoda for your kind help. :heart_eyes:

You’re welcome. :heart:. @randa_medhat86

Can you help me with ladybug tools, please? How can I use them in evaluating the quality of indoor fresh air through natural ventilation? @mostapha @chris
I appreciate your kind help and support.

Can anyone help, please???

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@Teja5zz Thanks a million.

Hello dear
May I ask something, please?
I have ladybug tools 1.1.0 working with rhino 6. But I didn’t find the butterfly plugin inside it. Do you recommend installing the updated version from ladybug tools or installing only the butterfly plugin along with 1.1.0?
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Hello, You should install butterfly plugin

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@hoda Thanks a lot dear

:rose::heart::rose:…You’re welcome…

You should also consider looking at Eddy 3D, another CFD program that integrates into Rhino GH

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these are good tutorials:

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Thanks, @jgbrear, and @ehsan.anvary :rose: :rose: