CFD simulation tool?

Hi all,

I am searching for a tool to run CFD analysis in Grasshopper. I know Ladybug/Honeybee cannot run this type of analysis, but do you know any other plug-in that can? Or else some stand alone program whose results I can easily import into GH?

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Hi Alejandro,

We hope that somewhere during 2015 (Mostapha may know more), Butterfly project will be completed which will bring the cfd to the Ladybug+Honeybee.

At the moment some users succeeded (I didn’t check this personally) in using Geco/Ecotect/WinAir combination to import cfd analysis data from Ecotect to Grasshopper. Please check these two pages for further explanations.

To my knowledge there are no Grasshopper plugins/components for importing Ansys, SolidWorks, NX… cfd results to Grasshopper, at least at the moment.

Hi Alejandro and Djordje,

Back to Butterfly I just can hope that they move faster but I can’t promise! Maybe we should start developing a new Butterfly from scratch? Should take less time!

I have a [pretty hackey] script that I developed when I was at school to connect Rhino to Ansys Fluent. It was working at the time and we automated an optimization study with that script but I have no idea if it will be still working. I already shared it with couple of people and don’t mind to share it with you if you have access to Fluent. I can’t find the file right now but I should be able to find it if needed.


That sounds interesting!
Sadly I haven’t been using Fluent. My experience with cfd is with SolidWorks’s Flo EFD.

But maybe somebody else with Ansys cfd experience could benefit from this.

Hey Mostapha,

That is great news about Butterfly, great job! I look forward to using it soon.

Thanks for offering the script to connect to Fluent but I think I will wait until Butterfly is available.

Is it possible to get the script you created to connect Rhino and Ansys? I would love to use it.

Hi Manuel, Here is the files. I hope you can get it to work. It’s a true mess! :expressionless: (481 KB)

Also here might be a good place to mention that we are re-starting Butterfly project:

hi, Mostapha, i’m eager to know if there is any advance in butterfly or other CFD tools. The intergrated BEM analysis is what my team want to do and CFD tool is an important part of that. Looking forward to your advance.

Hi Chao,

We had couple of very good discussions and we have a great team of expert to help but the progress on development itself is very slow. The main reason is that I have so many other developments going on and can’t seem to find a time to spend on Butterfly. I hope I can spend some “quality time” on butterfly soon and at the minimum create a prototype.


Hi Ale,

Out of interest what sort of scenarios would you be looking to investigate using CFD?


Hi Matt,

Urban wind :slight_smile:


Any developments on C.F.D. or F.E.A?

What engine are you going to use?

p.s. FYI I would like to use FEA for stress analysis and for cast flow analysis. SIMPLE ANALYSIS which runs through GH… So you can choose a low number of nodes to get a rough picture of stress, or flow… i.e.:

Fill object with connected nodes and then make connections physical.

And or… connect nodes together with physics to make a liquid…

Could kangaroo help- or is this a different approach?

Just an update here that we have a beta prototype ready for testing. In case you have already used OpenFOAM this is the right time to get involved and give a try otherwise you should wait a couple of more weeks until it’s ready for inexperienced users.


Looking great!!

Whaaat!? :wink: amazing