Change component in different version

if we want to use honeybee zone from honeybee 0.66 and ladybug 0.69 to ladybug tools1.2 how can i do .
i have a big algoritm and i want use number of component in ladybug tools 1.2
can i do ? please help me

Hi @hiwa, I recommend always including your Grasshopper definition in your posts - ideally a simplified version of your definition that crystallizes your specific issue. That way you will get helpful responses much quicker.

From your question, it sounds like you want to take some zones that you created in the Legacy tools, and use them in V1.2?

I recommend just rebuilding the zones using the V1.2 components and keeping your definition in a consistent version.

There are different methods to create zones (in V1.2, “zones” are referred to as “rooms”). The simplest way to create them is from solids - here are the two methods:

Note that in the Legacy tools, the component outputs geometry (“Closed Brep”) with some properties that are not directly visible, but in V1.2 the component outputs a “Room” object without geometry. In order to see the geometry, you need to use one of the “HB Vizualize” components (either “HB Vizualize All”, “HB Vizualise Quick”, or “HB Vizualize Wireframe”). (110.5 KB)

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