Change in EQUIPMENT_TYPES_DICT dictionary keys from honeybee_energy.hvac.allair

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Currently, we are updating our LBT 1.1.1 model to LBT 1.6.0 and we are encountering some problems with some HVAC components.
I have a python code that uses the EQUIPMENT_TYPES_DICT.keys() (from honeybee_energy.hvac.allair) to assign HVAC type to a list of input rooms. I also input the name of the complet system name as a string, (for instance “Residential AC with residential forced air furnace”). Back in version 1.1.1 this worked fine, but now with 1.6.0 I see the keys for this dictionary may have changed. They are no longer the Openstudio name, they ara some kind of abreviation. The key for the mentioned system now is “ResidentialAC_ResidentialFurnace” and no longer the complete name as before was, so there is no match with my input and the HVAC System cannot be assigned.

I do not know if something has changed or something is wrong with my code. It is surprising since in the SDK Honeybee documentation I can read in the honeybee_energy.hvac.allair package section:

“”* EQUIPMENT_TYPES_DICT: A dictionary containing pointers to the classes of

the HVAC systems. The keys of this dictionary are the names of the HVAC systems as they appear in the OpenStudio standards gem and include the specific equipment in the system (eg. ‘VAV chiller with gas boiler reheat’).“”

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Hi @Vance07 ,

Yea, we changed the keys of of the dictionary used to refer to the HVAC systems back in LBT 1.2. We did this primarily to align with .NET conventions. You should see inside the HVAC components that there’s a dictionary that maps from the old names to the new ones if you need it.

Hi @chris ,
OK. You mean the mapping from the HVAC templates? Or there is a dictionary inside some package that I’m missing?

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Hi @Vance07 ,

Sorry, I mis-rembered where I put the dictionary that had the full map between the equipment types. You can find it here in the honeybee-schema package:

Hi @chris,
sorry for the late response.

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