Change mesh color definitions?

Want to say that i like the color scheme of the geometry outputs on the VizByType component.
Though i wonder if it is possible to edit them. Sounds so obvious and easy but i think they are “hard coded” and can’t find a way to change them.
Specifically i want to change the transparency of the outdoor_shades output.


Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

It’s true those are hard-coded in that component but you can change the color pallete on this line. Or override any of the colors you see in the code that follows which uses the palette variable.

You can also get pretty close to this customization using the Legend Parameters with the “HB Color Face Attributes”:

Or, if you like a fully customizable solution in like legacy, you can use the “HB Faces by Type” component with the other visualization components and native Grasshopper Preview components like so:

FYI, I just pushed an update to the “Organize” components to get them to accept a Model in addition to Rooms. So I recommend updating before trying the last solution.

Also, re-reading your original question about transparency: Unfortunately, Rhino does not support transparent meshes and meshes are what is being used in the “HB Visualize by Type” and “HB Color Face Attributes” components.

The last solution I posted using the Grasshopper “Custom Preview” components can accept transparency, though. So that’s the solution that I would recommend for your case.

This is excellent. Thanks a lot!!

clutch! this is easier to share with people who don’t code than my ghpy compos in gh files!