Change the results by changing the timestep

Hello friends
Can anyone explain this to me? Considering that I read all the related topics but did not find an answer.
I’m confused reading sunlight Hours Result .

In a simulation for geometry over a period between about April 20 and May 20, the output of the number of hours changes with the change of timestep. We know that timestep can be divided into 60 parts and one vector can be calculated for every 1 minute. But the output unit is hour and logically should not be changed. It should increase the accuracy.
Can anyone explain this change to me? I really need it.
And what is the main criterion for reading the number of hours that direct sunlight hits the desired geometry?

  1. The timestep for input hours to sunpath and sunlighthours should much. From what I can see, the timestep for your input hours are not every minutes.
  2. This is not directly related to your question but you should not be using the components from the legacy plugin and the LBT plugins together. Each should be used in isolation.
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Also see this post:

@mostapha thanks for repley
Now I have two questions

  1. I matched the components together now. And I set the timestep for both components the same.for example, This simulation is on a certain day between 8 and 17 o’clock with Time Step 60. In fact, between 8am and 5pm, there are exactly 9 hours, but the outputs are strange; About 50 hours. But logically what is expected to be output is less than 9 hours.
    I feel that these results should be reunited with another component.

    2 - If the old and new components should not be used together, then this component (LB sunpath) should be connected with which engine (sunlightHoursAnalysis)??
    thanks so much in advance

Connect it to the DirectSunHours component.

But it is not such a component.
Can you tell me more precisely where it is?
For the analysis of hours, there is only this component (sunlightHoursAnalysis).

I was thinking your sunpath component belongs to the new LBT. I guess is is a LB[+].

I had the same thought, @AbrahamYezioro .

@Aliarch, I recommend that you install the latest Ladybug Tools 1.0.0 from Food4Rhino. This plugin ships with an updated version of the ladybug Grasshopper plugin that you are currently using and It also comes with a “Durect Sun Hours” example file.

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