Change window height using simulation temperature results

Hi, I performed an energy analysis on an existing building with a glass curtain wall. For the definition of the panels I used Skin Designer,by @sgaray1970 .

I would like to be able to change the size of the window according to the results that come from my simulation.
I saw that it is possible to change the height of the windows according to some values ​​as in the @chris’s example:,0

Instead of using the solar benefit values ​​that come from the solar radiation analysis, I would like to use the results of my simulation, for example the internal surface temperature of the window. How can I do? I attach the file. (766.3 KB)

Searching the forum, I found a way to create a microclimate map, but I don’t know if that’s what I need. Analyzing the radiant temperatures on the surfaces of the windows I get strange values, like a radiant temperature of -24 ° C.

Thank you for any advice.

Hi @Pol_IT
You are making the model to complex for the goal you want to achieve.
The window surface you simulated is not matching the facade of skin designer.

In that case it has no sence to generate microclimate maps.
You can better first focus on honeybee alone.

With the glazing by ratio component you can define all sorts of regular geometry.

With the read EP Surface result you can get the data regarding surface temperatures.
You can visualise them with the color surfaces by EP Result.

And you can even make a animated giff with it.


Only if the windows in honeybee are matching the geometry you want it makes sence to make some sort of micro climate map (730.3 KB)

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Hi @Erikbeeren , thank you very much for your clear answer. I tried to replicate on another model. Is it possible to label each surface with its average temperature value? I saw that from “srfValues” it is possible to extrapolate the values, but they seem not to follow the mesh.


If you disconect the step of simulation you will get the everage temperatures.

The surface values should be in the same order as the surface breps.

Hi @Erikbeeren , if I use “Glazing Creator Based on Ratio” I have to insert a glzRatio otherwise the component doesn’t work. I would just like to impose the distance between windows with breakUpDist, impose the sillHeigh and vary the height of the windows for each orientation. How can I do?


Have a look at which I sent you in the previous post.
You can change the values of the sliders or even animate them by right clicking on them.

Thanks for your reply @Erikbeeren . But I was looking for a way to create a window without assigning the glazing ratio. In your example, the glazing ratio is one of the parameters you assign to the component. I would like the glazing ratio to be determined based on window height and width data. But I see that the component says “glazing ratio always take priority over the windowHeight and sillHeight input”. Perhaps this is not the right component for my purpose.


In that case you can better construct your self some parametric window geometry.
Pufferfish has some nice tools for it.

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Thank you very much for your advice @Erikbeeren !