Changes in infrared transmittance in Glass Material do not affect any of the results

Hi all.

I had a use query me today who said that the infrared transmittance set in the glass material doesn’t seem to affect any of the results in Ladybug Tools, such as load or heat gain. I assisted him with a minimum case reconstruction and found that no matter how much I changed the value he did not have any effect on these results, I thought this was a very bizarre situation so I decided to ask any of the energy experts in the community who could answer this question. (46.6 KB)

I created two control models in this minimum case, each Windows constrution was set by a glass material, the variable was only infrared transmittance , and the final EUI results were all the same after the OSM calculation. I tried to preview with other post-processing tools, but still the same result.

Is this normal? I don’t think the modification of the infrared transmittance should have no significance on the energy results, especially in the calculation of space heat gain.

Thanks to anyone who can respond to this