Changing Shading material

I’m working on a project based on kinetic PV facade and I couldn’t allocate the material properties for the shade component. Currently, it’s an opaque material and I need to change it to glass material. In the latest version, I have used the ‘Shade Construction’ component but it has only solar reflection factor instead of SHGC and U factor values. However, the aperture material has an option to change these properties. Is there any way to allocate these values in the shade component?
Any help would be really appreciated.

Yes. Use the ep_trans_sch_ input that you see in your screenshot to set the transparency of the shade object.

Thanks Chris. It’s working now.

Hi, I am having a similar issue, but I am struggling to figure out what kind of data the ep_trans_sch input requires.
From my understanding, the transmittance should be between 0 and 1 where 0 is opaque, so I have tried using number inputs, but that doesn’t work.
I have tried defining a material with the desired transmittance and using that as input, also didn’t work.
I have tried inputting a window construction, but also seems to have issues.

Essentially, I am trying to model a double skin glass facade. I am modelling the outer facade as glass shades but am having trouble fulfilling the shade energy transmittance schedule input.

If someone could assist me, I would appreciate that a lot.
Thank you

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Any feedback on that ?

There you go