Changing units in Ladybug_Radiation Analysis

Hi Team!

Quick question, is there a way to change the units in Ladybug_Radiation Analysis to be Wh/m2 rather than kWh/m2? Just for presentation purposes since we are just showing one hour in January, and of course the solar radiation values for that one hour are in the 0-1000 W/m2 range.

It’s a bit picky, but the client is interested for presentation to remove decimals. I had a look at trying to change it myself in the coding, but couldn’t quite locate where the coding is for the results in order to just x them by 1000.

  • Thinking at this point I should really just learn python!

Use the LB_reColorMesh for that purpose.


Am I going crazy or there was a component changing these units before? Maybe I did my own when I was studying, no idea.

As Abraham said you need the recolour mesh transforming the results to the units you are interested in.

Try this


sradiation (37.4 KB)