Check the simulation


What are the ways to control the details that are considered in the simulation? I applyed different Climate zone construction sets, the results of annual loads didn’t change.
Generally, I am looking for a way to check whether all of the default and details I specified are correctly applied to the simulation model or not. There are some files in Run, like SQL, RDD, but they don’t include all the programs, materilas, and … There is also an IDF file. whenever I want to open it I faced many errors, moverover, I faced version error that IDFVersionUpdater cannot change its version.
I am looking for ways to check the results of both “HB model to OSM” and “HB Annual Load”

For instance, I modeled doors and connected them to HB Model. I can see which one is glass door and which is not using HB Color Face Attribute. After that, I assigned HVAC. Since then, ‘HB Color Face Attribute’ doesn’t illustrate doors at all.

I would be grateful if you could assist me