CIE overcast sky in annual daylight simulation


I am trying to get annual average lux levels on a window opening and I need to follow some assumptions according to the applicable norm.

So far in my script, I have used the epw file as the weather input for the HB Annual Daylight component. According to the norm that I need to comply with, I have to run the simulation using a CIE overcast sky.

I don’t know how I can use the output of the CIE sky component in my simulation. In the older versions of Honeybee, there is the grid-based simulation which takes the sky info as input. but I don’t know how I can apply this in the latest version of Honeybee.

Is there anyone who can help me with this question? Any help is appreciated!

You can’t use the legacy components with the LBT components. I don’t have the legacy plugins installed anymore but here is a screenshot from the example on Hydra that should help.