CIE Overcast sky with specific horizontal illuminance

Dear HB daylighting experts,

I was wondering if there is a component or a native workflow in Honeybee to generate a CIE overcast sky using horizontal illuminance as input. Thank you for your help.

On a side note, as a novice in daylight simulation, I do not understand the purpose of the inputs in genStandardCIESky. I wonder why weather file is needed, and why entering the time is a must (while there are also options without sun).


Hi Farhang,

The component is called Generate Sky With Certain Illuminance level. It uses gensky -B to generate the sky with desired horizontal illuminance.

The component only takes the location information from the weather file. This has been improved in Honeybee[+] and the input is now changed to location instead of a weather file to be more explicit about the input data to generate the sky.

Thank you @mostapha. But the Generate Sky With Certain Illuminance level is for a uniform sky. I was looking for an overcast sky with a specific illuminance. Do you have a component or a trick for this too?

@mostapha , I see that in Honeybee[+] you have made it an overcast sky. But in the legacy version it is still uniform sky. But I think when we go for a simple sky definition, by default we mean an overcast sky.

So, I would suggest an update of the legacy version as well at your convenience. Unless you believe, for the purpose of daylighting simulation, with Honeybee[+] current functionalities there is no need to use legacy version anymore.

Thank you,

Good suggestion. Done!