Cleaning up dxfs for Therm

I have inherited a bunch of facade dxfs that I want to analyze in therm. these details were made in autocad which looks good but when you zoom way in have not snapped point to point properly.

So i get this error: 1. Geometry connected to _polygons does not form a single polysurface when joined and thus will cause THERM to crash.

Is there a good way to algorithmically analyze and clean up these non snapped polygons?

My head is spinning from zooming in and out trying to chase down these tiny discrepancies.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

Can you share one of the problematic profiles?

Thanks Mostapha!

Therm_cleanup test_01.dxf (214 KB)


Attached script marks the points that needs your attention. You can right a rule-based approach to align the curves at these points but that can be tricky. I would just fix them manually in Rhino.

Hope it helps,

Mostapha (5.49 KB)

Mostapha, thank you for your prompt reply and this excellent tool.

I will be sure to save it for future use.

I used it to quickly modify the file and yet I still get this errror: 1. Geometry connected to _polygons does not form a single polysurface when joined and thus will cause THERM to crash.

Even though no pain points are found. :slight_smile: any thoughts ? Thanks for your help

Therm_cleanup (488 KB)
Therm_cleanup test_04.3dm (43.2 KB)

I’ll check your file soon. If you are using the most recent version of the THERM components from the github, the component should still be writing out the .thmx file. It’s just giving you the warning to let you know that THERM might not like your file. Another method for checking where your geometry might not be ideal is to bake all of the ThermPlogon geometries, join them in Rhino, and use the DupBorder command to expose the naked edges. If you are getting more than one duplicated border, this is what the component is warning you about.



You just had to update to the latest version of the components on the github. The new components give you a warning if you connect up individual thermPolygons that have more than one boundary curve. This was the case with your geometry and, after you split up these surfaces, it works well:

-Chris (513 KB)


I also realized that automatically splitting any THERM Polygons with holes in them before exporting was relatively easy to add in. Now, the latest components on the github and those in the attached file process and export your original geometry without any issues or need to edit them manually. You are not the only one who connected up surfaces with holes to the ThermPolygon components and could not easily see why the geometry was not exporting correctly. Hopefully, these new edits make things easy for a lot of other new users.

-Chris (494 KB)

Chris , this is amazing, thank you so much for the edit to the component. I’m glad i came to the forum with this question! Nothing better than responsive developers! thanks again!