Climate and Daylight Simulation for Dynamic Facades

Hello all,
I am modelling kinetic facades, adaptive with sun position during different times of the year. I would like to run radiation or daylight analysis not only with one constant state of shadings but considering the changing state of it during the day. With the aim of comparing the energy and daylight function of static and dynamic shadings.
I create an automated number counter with a python script, so now I can run hourly analysis like Incident Radiation for all the hours of a day automatically and by recording the results and summing them up, I can have the daily Incident Radiation on the glazing, considering the adaptive shading.
But I would like to run also annual analysis like Annual Daylight Study.
I would appreciate it if you could share your opinion about my approach and tell me if there is anyway to do it for annual simulations.

@chris @mostapha
As I searched here, there are many topics in the last few years asking the similar question but there was no answer, I would appreciate it if you could let us know if this function is actually possible with the current features of honeybee and ladybug or not.

Thanks for your consideration.
Kinetic Adaptive Facade_Daily Adaptive Radiation_smaller