Climate change weather files problem

hi all ,

I’m trying to use climate change weather files ( EPW files ) which generated by ccworld generation 1.8 tool with honey bee energy modeling , but when I imported the 2020 epw weather file as example the E+ ran its calculations but I had no results .

I got that warning :

  1. No surface information was found in the imported .eio file adjacent to the .csv _resultFileAddress.Data cannot be normalized by surface area and the data tree outputs for surface data will not be grafted by zone.

attached the cc weather file for Cairo

thank you

EGY_Cairo Intl Airport_HadCM3-A2-2020.epw (1.35 MB)

Hi Mona,

There have been some known issues with epw files generated with CC World Gen. See this discussion:…

There seem to be a lot of weird bugs in the excel file such that it outputs this weird set of question marks that I see in your file:

My inference is that EnergyPlus is not running correctly because of this. What does the report out of the “Run Energy Simulation” component say in your case?

Someone really needs to write a new version of CC World Gen that is in an actual computer language. I might attempt this if there are no updates on the project after a half-year or so.


Chris- ? are actually fine. If you open any other .epw file you will see similar column. The issue is probably in some other place. I can import the file with Ladybug with no issue.

Mona- What is exactly the issue? Can you run the analysis with no issues?

  • Mostapha

Chris! Just ran a quick test. The issue looks to be in the header for sizing periods if you want to take a closer look.

Hi Mostapha ,

I didn’t get what do you mean by the Issue ?

Mostapha , I’m trying to simulate the thermal comfort for my case study by using the current weather file & 2020, 2050 CC files , I did it by Ecotect and had results but need to do it by Honey bee as the building facade is responsive to the change in the outside temperature . that’s a small brief

& Thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile:

Hi Mostapha ,

Here’s a new situation I’m Facing with my file , so I need to reconnect the brebs with hpsrfs every time I open the file , so is there a solution ?

Thank you ,


Ho Mona,

No need to reconnect (crazy). Just disable/enable the HB_HB (ctrl+e twice) then the same with the other orange components (or at least the first one on the chain, so it will trigger the others).

Also send to the back the HB_HB (ctrl+b) so next time you open the file it will be executed first.


Hi Abraham ,

thanks for your help , the problem disappeared :slight_smile: .

wish you all the best ,


Hello every body ,

hope you are well . me again with new problem , I’m trying to have simulation results but every time with a new issue .I tried to link the new facade with the main building to be a part of it, plz find the file attached and tell me if there’s a problem i can’t recognize ?

the energy plus Icon tells me to update honey bee & I updated it but no results .

for the simulation results I need for my study :

  • air temperature in side the building

  • thermal comfort analysis

In 3 cases " when the kinetic facade is closed , 50% open & 100% open " then I need to make optimization to get the optimum movement of the facade .

so I need to know what’s the problem with my file !!! and if there are advises for the next steps of my study will be great .

and I have a question , honey bee can deal with windows , but what about doors ? how to have a correct results with no doors in the building ?

thank you in advance

Mona rezq

READY 4ENERGY STUDY tail 01 (702 KB)

Hi Mona,

Sorry for getting back so late. You posted a lot of questions in one reply and we might be able to get back to you faster next time if each question or couple of questions were its own discussion. Also, your file is huge and it is appreciated if you clean up your GH definition to a level that we can understand where your issue is.

Your issue was that you were mis-matching versions of HB. Some of your components were from the last stable release in February and some others were for shortly after that. I updated your file to the latest version of the components on the github using the ‘Update Honeybee’ component.

As you can see, you get air temperature, mean radiant temperature, and zone humidity out of the Read EP result component. You can use these to calculate indoor comfort with either the Ladybug Adaptive Comfort Calculator or the Ladybug PMV Comfort Calculator. You should watch the comfort youtube playlist to find out how to do this in more detail:…

I would model your interior doors as air walls and, use the Set EP Air Flow component air mixing schedule input to model when the door is closed vs open. Your exterior doors should be modeled as a separate HBSrf with a construction assigned to it that is representative of a door (I think that the OpenStudio library includes a geeric door construction if you don’t want to make one on your own). Doors do not make much of a difference in most energy simulations since the construction of the door is usually not that far off from the construction of exterior or interior walls. Oftentimes, there are larger assumptions that you might be worried about like having certain surfaces as adiabatic or the inconsistencies between the simulated EPW file and the climate of your site in the future.

-Chris (759 KB)

Hi Chris ,

thank you so much , u solved my big problem . finally the energy simulation can recognize the breathing facade open & close so many many thanks .

I Created a new discussion as I tried to deal with the facade as shading device but didn’t work also…

for comfort It always gives me that message " 1. Comfort recipe not recognized. "

  • as you mentioned I noticed that the ccweatherfile 2020 & 2050 gives gives the same results or so close to each other is there a solution for this issue ?

wish you all the best , Chris :slight_smile:



I just gave a response to your shading question. Are you using compatible versions for the comfort map components? Try updating your file with the ‘Update Honeybee’ component and, if you still have the issue after syncing with the github like this, upload your GH file and I will take a look.

Climate change differences of 30 years are likely not going to make a big difference, especially if you are far from the polar regions, which will experience a much larger change in temperature than the equator. It laso makes a difference what type of building you are simulating. If you are making a well-insulated structure that is almost thermally isolated from the surrounding climate, climate change will not affect it much. A passive or naturally ventilated structure is likely to experience a larger effect.