Climate One Building Weather Files Updated Through 2021

I don’t think Dru and Linda have accounts here so thought it would be good to share.

(from Dru’s LinkedIn Post)

Updated Global Simulation Climate Data Set Available from Climate.OneBuilding.Org

In April 2022, Climate.OneBuilding ( posted a completely updated worldwide TMYx data set adding more than 2500 new locations (>15% increase), bringing the total to more than 16,100 locations. These include weather station meteorology data through 2021 and corresponding solar radiation from the ERA5 reanalysis data set (ERA5 | ECMWF). The ERA5 data, courtesy of Oikolab (, provides a comprehensive, worldwide gridded solar radiation data set based on satellite data. The new data (and all other weather files on the site including the 2004-2018 TMYx) also now include the latest ASHRAE 2021 design conditions.

The TMYx are derived from hourly weather station meteorology data through 2021 in the ISD (US NOAA/NCEI’s Integrated Surface Database) and gridded solar radiation data from ERA5 reanalysis using the TMY2/ISO 15927-4:2005 methodologies. Often, there are two TMYx for a location, e.g., for Washington Dulles Intl AP: USA_VA_Dulles-Washington.Dulles.Intl.AP.724030_TMYx and USA_VA_Dulles-Washington.Dulles.Intl.AP.724030_TMYx.2007-2021. In these cases, there’s a TMY for the entire period of record and a second TMY for the most recent 15 years (2007-2021). Not all locations have recent data.

With this update, now provides TMYx climate data at no cost for more than 16,100 locations in more than 195 countries and another 5,200 files from other data sources. All data have been through extensive quality checking to identify and correct data errors and out of normal range values where appropriate.

Each climate location .zip contains: EPW (EnergyPlus weather format, CLM (ESP-r weather format ESP-r | University of Strathclyde), WEA (Daysim weather format Software | MIT Sustainable Design Lab), and PVSyst (NEW! PV solar design weather format – along with DDY (updated ASHRAE 2021 design conditions in EnergyPlus format), RAIN (hourly precipitation in mm, where available), and STAT (expanded EnergyPlus weather statistics).

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Thanks for posting this @josephyang .

It’s big news, indeed! I’m particularly excited about all of the locations having ASHRAE 2021 design conditions. This is going to make it much easier for engineers to use E+ for HVAC sizing and peak load calculation.

We’ll have to update EPWmap with these new files soon but, in the meantime, everyone can get them from


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@josephyang, thanks for tagging me, I’ve been waiting for this release for a while!

I still need to dedicate some time to reading the update, but I just want to say kudos to you and Dru/Linda for getting us TMYs aligned with state-of-art weather representation. This will be a huge asset to the building performance community.

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