Clo values for ladybug/honeybee?

Is there a component that we can download for ladybug/honeybee which will provide clo values for thermal comfort calculations? Ideally, we should be able to choose actual clothing worn and it will calculate the clo values for us. Much like how the Activities Met List lets us choose the met values based on activity.

As long as I remember we do not support Clo values calculation but you can use CBE comfort tool “Create custom ensemble” to get what you are looking for and then plug it into ladybug components.

@chris is it something that will be / is available in the [+] libraries?

@Mackie (great name btw :),

What @mostapha said is correct that we don’t have a built-in component right now for creating a custom clothing ensemble but replicating what the CBE Tool does with the “Create Custom Ensemble” button is a trivial task. I think we could just make a Grasshopper dropdown component and copy the simple matrix that maps the name of the article of clothing to its corresponding clo value. Then, someone could connect a series of these components with different articles of clothing to a native GH “Mass Addition” component and you would have the full-body clo value that you need for the PMV model.

So this is something that I think is worth including in the [+] libraries and it’s probably also worth including within the ladybug-comfort Python module, which people could work with outside of Grasshopper. In the meantime, if anyone wants to take a stab at implementing the simple dropdown component that I described above and send a pull request to ladybug legacy, I would be happy to merge it in so everyone could make sue of it.

And I also wanted to remind everyone that there is a component to estimate clothing based on the prevailing outdoor temperature, which uses a formula developed by the CBE group.

Hi there, Chris and Mostapha, I am happy to create this tool but I will need some help on it:

  • is a sufficient source?
  • we also have access to ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals 2009. Is the information in Chap 9 sufficiently updated for us to use?
  • finally, I know how to configure a dropdown menu but not one like the tool in CBE. Can you point me to some help on this?

And thank you for your quick responses.

Very best, boonlay.

I already did it. I hope to send the pull request today. If you don’t mind wait for it …

Thanks for the quick response @Mackie and @AbrahamYezioro . I agree that using the wikipedia page (which seems to be the same source and the Handbook of Fundamentals) is good.

I recommend structuring the component similar to the Ladybug_Passive Strategy List so that people can pick which articles of clothing they want out of the list and get them all together:

People will still need to pass the result through a mass addition component by this seems to me like the most inttitive way to do it.

@chris at first i tried this but the list is too long to cope. I did like adding as many list as you need becouse of that:

As you can see i defined 2 pieces: One for the list and the other for summing the items. Have to say that i used the icon of the LB_CloFunction. Hope it is OK.

As for the pulling the request, do you have pointers to that? Don’t know why but always i get this process a mess. Struggling right now …

@AbrahamYezioro ,

Thanks for putting it together.

I would trust your judgement if you feel that it is better to include many options of clothing to the point that it does not make sense to structure the dropdown list as I had initially recommended. I guess users can always change it to be the other format by right-clicking on it if they like.

Also, I don’t think we need a ladybug component that does the exact same thing that the native grasshopper “mass addition” component does (we already have close to 400 components and this one really isn’t necessary).

For your PR, I would recommend that you delete your fork, re-fork the master, add your changes to your fork, and then send your PR. I imagine that your old fork is far behind the master by several commits and at least a few months.

OK. I’d made the pull request.
I accepted your comment, @chris, and didn’t add a new component for the addition and made a short list of the clothes instead the long one from CBE. Now it can be a pick list:


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Looks great @AbrahamYezioro ! Thanks again for getting this together.

Also, it’s been merged into the official code base (for anyone who would like to get the component for themselves).

Hi there, everyone. Thank you very much for all this. Ummm, how do I download this?

You need to update from the Github or use the updateLadybug component for that.

Yayyy. Many thanks, everyone.

Hello! I find this component so useful for the clothing parameter value, and also the “Activities Met List” component but they are not in the latest version of Ladybug anymore :frowning:
Could I download/recover them somewhere?
Thank you so much!

If you download the LB Legacy from food4rhino, you can find there the Ladybug_Clothing List.ghuser and Ladybug_Activities Met List.ghuser files, that you can copy into the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects\LB-Legacy folder, or install also the whole Legacy package.


Oh! I thought it worked only for old versions. Thank you!

The reason it works in LBT is becouse they are not code components but native GH value list components.

I hear you. I was honestly just waiting for enough people to tell me that they liked these components before I added them to the new plugin. I’ll push them to the development version of the plugin tomorrow. Until then, Abraham’s suggestion of using Legacy should work just as well.

Great! Thank you Chris :smiley:
I think these components are very useful not only correctly using the thermal comfort components, but also to understand the meaning of these parameters and therefore the calculations.
Just to know, if you add these components in the development version of the plugin, is it enough to use the ‘LB versioner’ component in Grasshopper to update Ladybug or must I download again the new LBT package?
Thank you again. I really love this community.

Either one will be fine. The Versioner is better option.

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