Cluster and Honeybee objects


I have a question regarding clusters and honeybee objects. I have a rather big grasshopper file where I clustered multiple geometric (parametric model - creating X numbers of buildings) inputs of honeybee definitions to than later create a hbzone. Inside the cluster, he identifies the breps and surfaces as honeybee objects, but as soon as I send them via cluster output he wont recognize it anymore. Any ideas?

It seems like that this just happens with surface type geometries. Zones insides clusters are no problem at all. I have now exploded all my clusters and it is a mess again, but it works.

It is still quite weird, do you have any explanation @chris ?

What is the error message?

  1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘split’

Works fine in my scripts where I create hb_rooms inside clusters.

However there’s a GH bug when outputting empty branches of a tree in/out of a cluster. Not sure if that can be it?

Can you share an example file where you isolate the relevant stuff and recreate the error?