Colibri Iterations - question about recording data


I am using colibri iterations remotefly to automatically run my energy simulations through all combinations of materials properties to receive outputs of: kWh/m2 , kWh and PMV calculations. My attached model “Working” runs fine however i am using the mass addition component to receive one total value per output per simulation.

However i believe this is skewing my results as it is the sum of all hours of the day. My second model “Working” is an attempt to run iterative simulations but receive all 8760 data points (hourly timestep) per iteration for the year long energy consumption so that I can sift through the data myself.

Is there a way to automatically write these results with an hourly timestep to an excel file for each iteration similarly to how it works when i use the mass addition component?

ModelAugust.3dm (40.5 KB)

Working (599.6 KB)

Working (603.9 KB)

Have you checked Write to Excel component in TTtoolbox? I use Bumblebee for that.

If i have the time i’ll try to look at your files.
But … i will consider to use the E+ simulation files results to get the data you are asking for. If you simulated hourly you get a file (look at the output folder) with all 8760 results. Maybe you can take it from there instead of recording such a big amount of data (assuming you have many iterations).

@devang I will have a look at bumblebee, that looks like it could work

@AbrahamYezioro You mean the results automatically get recorded just in the grasshopper folder each simulation?

For each iteration if you change the idf file name iteratively, then Yes. It should ideally happen.

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Yes. But …
As i see the results are in Joules. You’ll need to convert to kWh and divide by your area to get per sqm.
I don’t remember right now if you can add an output string to have results in kWh, but the conversion is not a big deal.

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Hi Devan, Could you give me a hand as to how I would iterate the file names?

You can do the following

And I don’t need to run that through the colibri iteration component?

You can. Here, the slider is just an example. You can connect one the sliders that you use for colibri iterations. You can use multiple sliders as well. If you zoom in on the inputs of the concatenate component, you’ll see that you can add more inputs.

Yes I understand the concatenate. But with that slider connected will it automatically iterate the file name? Or to work does it need to be put through a separate iteration component to that of my material property iterator?

It won’t iterate automatically. You’ll need to use an iterator component.

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