Colibri not iterating Honeybee_Export To OpenStudio


I am currently working on iterating multiple models with variable shade depths using Colibri. My goal is to measure the Energy and DA in each case. I found that the script works for all my daylight and radiation components, however, it does not record or run with the HB Openstudio components. I’m using the latest version of HB and OpenStudio 3.0. Do you have insights and guidance on what needs to change to get this to work? Please see attached associated files.


Energy (968.2 KB) Energy Simulation.3dm (185.8 KB)

Have you tried to search the forum? I think someone else had a similar issue.

Also what happens when you run the simulation without using Colibri? Does simulation gives you the expected results?

Thank you for your time Mostapha. I’ve solved it now, it was only a silly error regarding the timestep.


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