Coloring scheme for Sunlight Hours analysis in new updats

Dear Ladybug+Honeybee team,

Thanks for latest update!

I realized that in last two updates the coloring scheme for the Sunlight Hours analysis has changed to gray-scale.

Me and my colleagues in the office preferred the old coloring scheme (blue to red) for Sunlight Hours analysis. The new gray-scale one is not as intuitive to read, even though I understand that you could associate the darker shades to more shadow. Is there a way to change to the old one, or set to user-defined coloring schemes?



Hi Kayrokh

Now Ladybug has a useful color library. You should use “Ladybug Gradiend Library” to change the color.

I can’t post an image that show you how to use it now. But I think that it should be easy. Anyway, you can find a couple of examples on Hydra.


Legend parameters, has an input for customColors_ which you can use to change the colors to any set of colors including the default ones that Antonello mentioned. There is a legend parameters input in Sunlight hours component as well as other Ladybug and Honeybee components. Here is an example on Hydra.


Thanks guys!

Tutorial video on legendPar if anyone needs it:…