ColorRooms/Faces - Visualizing existing simulated results

I notice that the ColorRooms/Faces fail to show results of previously simulated cases.
They complain about:

  1. Solution exception:None of the ColorRoom data collections could be matched to the input rooms


  1. Solution exception:ColorFace data collection does not have metadata associated with Surfaces.

The results are there and the model is the same one used for the simulations, so it will be a time saver to solve this.

BTW, i assume that at some point there will be something similar like the HB_LookupFolder_EnergyPlus component … :wink: -)


Is it, though? Did you save the simulation model to a Honeybee JSON file and then load up that model in the file that you are using to visualize results? Or, instead, did you re-run the Grasshopper script that creates the model, thereby generating an “equivalent” model that is actually a new instance?

The former will be match-able to your simulation results but the latter will usually not be unless you have managed to hard-set the unique IDs of all the model elements using the “HB Set Identifier” component.

Also note that, when you run the simulation with the “HB Model To OSM” component, you automatically get a .hbjson model JSON within the simulation folder. So you can always load that up and have it match with the sql results. Having the future “Lookup Folder” component return both the hbjson and the sql files seems useful.

Ohhh, Json, Json …
Indeed i was connecting the original model.
Now with the Json it works.
Though, i remember a different topic regarding the shading control that is not yet (well) implemented in the Json file. Right now the models that i create having shading controls can’t be imported with the LoadObjects component.
I’ll wait for that.
Thanks for reminding me about the Json @chris,

Thanks for reporting the issue with WindowConstrucitonShade, @AbrahamYezioro . There were a couple of bugs that I found in the case of schedules being applied to the object. They have all been fixed between the PRs below and I can now say confidently that the schedules for the WindowConstructionShade make it safely thought JSON serialization/re-serialization and they make it into the OSM/IDF. (61.0 KB)

This is great @chris!
Thank you. One more workflow that i can say is over.

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