Coloured meshes not displaying properly with Metal display enabled in RhinoWIP on macOS


I’m running into display issues with RhinoWIP on macOS, I have problems e.g. with coloured meshes.

The sample Daylight Factor file in Rhino7:

The same sample file in RhinoWIP, with TestMetal enabled:

The same sample file in RhinoWIP, with TestMetal disabled:

I would prefer to use RhinoWIP because of the performance gain due to Metal display.
I’m running this on macOS Monterey 12.4, with an M1 Max machine.

Any ideas when to expect this to be working? I’ve just started testing LBT on this machine, are there any other issues that I might not be aware of?

…should I post this on the McNeel forum instead?


Hey @furtonb ,

This is a question that is probably better answered by one of the McNeel developers. @wim might be able to provide some insight here or pass it along to the right person.

It may also be worth posting this question to the McNeel forum since this issue does not seem to be specific to Ladybug Tools and I imagine that it affects all colored meshes in the TestMetal view.

Hi @furtonb -

The Metal display pipeline in Rhino 8 is still under heavy construction at this point.
Could you post that mesh object as a 3dm file here? I’ll take a look and put it on a developer’s list when you do.

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Hi @wim ,

sorry for the delay, there is a lot on my plate at the moment.
Here is an example file:


As noted before, Metal display for Rhino 8 is not nearly complete. There are many features not available yet that are actively being developed. Currently, materials are not supported. I’ve put this specific example file on our list to be tested when we get there - RH-69036.

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