Combine galapagos and ladybug facade optimization

hello guys!

how to do something like this with ladybug.

i am looking for the combination of galapagos and ladybug to optimate facede panels (shading)!

please help!

thanks bea!

Hi Bea, Here is an example:…;

the main problem is how to create a shade on a surface and run the analysis?


It looks like the link is dead on this. Update? or do you have a more recent project example?

The hydra link is fine.


Hi @AbrahamYezioro , I have run an optimization script for fin geometry based on minimal direct sun entering the space. As you might know, the fitness model can be anything (daylight/glare/radiation etc).
My idea is why can’t we develop a component for shading optimization using model fitness within ladybug itself? (probably a noob idea). Correct me if I am missing something

Facade optimization script v5 final twisted (523.0 KB)