Comfort Autonomy

Hi Team,
I’ve been developing a tool to visualize and modify a thermal comfort map in an attempt to make ASHRAE 55 analysis a bit quicker. Anyhow, this seems to be similar to the “Comfort Autonomy” file that Chris had posted on Hydra Share.

My problem is occurring with the pmvComfRecipe tool. With inputs that look valid, this tool is outputting runtime errors (Ironpython.runtime.list errors to be specific). I thought that I should check out how the “Comfort Autonomy” file managed this, but I got the same issue when I tried to run that file.

I’ll attach my file as well as the version of the “Comfort Autonomy” file as well, in case that is of interest.

Anything helps, thanks for your time, (655.0 KB) (696.5 KB)


Some inputs were not correctly assigned. That’s it. (657.2 KB)

Really cool that you got it to work. What did you change? I scoured through and couldn’t find it. I was particularly concerned with the things to the left of PMVComfRecipe because that was the failing component for me. I know that there was some stuff at the end that changed likely

I guess I’m confused why there is still a runtime error coming out from the PMVComfRecipe

@owen.meyer ,
What is the error/warning you get? Neither @devang or I get any from the file he uploaded.

That’s odd. Do you ever run into this?

Since data seems to be passed along, I’m thinking that these matrices may not display well in a panel. That may not be a problem. Thanks again for looking at this everyone.

Truly appreciated!

Please do not be concerned about the output you are referring to in the image attached. The output is a python object and not a runtime error.

Thanks again! @devang

Grasshopper is not capable of showing lists of lists in a panel. Grasshopper uses DataTrees instead which can end up being quite slow. As @devang mentioned it’s totally fine. Here is an example to reproduce similar outputs.