Comfort Mannequin face

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask how you can set the face of the mannequin to see where the sun’s rays arrive? Because a part of the mannequin’s back is selected in my file and I can’t figure out how to change it.

Did you see the sample file on Hydra?

@mostapha yes, I saw it. I also wrote you a message because I saw your example. I don’t understand how to set the face of the mannequin, because in my file it keeps selecting its back.

Can you please share the hydra example you are referring to?,-396.19089707572095

if the mannequin is seated then it’s the 121 numbered mesh. If it’s a standing mannequin then you’ll just have to find this (it may not be 121 for a standing mannequin) number in the list of meshes. That’s all you need to do.


@devang oh thank you so much! :grin: