Comfort Maps - TCP_HSP_CSP Matrices (Wish list)

I have a wish i want to ask you (@chris ) regarding the outputs of the different comfort recipes. I’m interested in knowing the TCP, HSP and CSP hourly and not just the one value that summarizes the analysis period. I like this possibility in the Legacy version and found it very useful for understanding the behavior of the spaces and i miss it.
I understand that maybe the reason to give just one value could be the huge size of the results files (is this the reason?) but nonetheless … it is a wish. BTW i analyze only a week (typical/extreme hot/cold) so the size is not an issue in this case.

Thanks anyway,

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

This capability should still be supported thanks to the condition output from each of the thermal mapping recipes. Just load up the condition matrix and you can scroll through the hourly cold/neutral/hot results on an hour-by-hour basis:

Thanks @chris,
I’m already using the condition matrix but wasn’t bright enough to make the connection. Now that you mentioned it, makes complete sense.
This is good!!