Comfort recipe not recognized for Microclimate Map

Hi @chris @Erikbeeren

I’ve been going through the forums to see if this has been raised, and have been looking at other examples of this component, but unable to solve my issue. Apologies if it is repetitive. I am trying to run a simulation to generate a simple microclimate map, and I’m getting this error in the HB _Microclimate Map Analysis component:

  1. Comfort recipe not recognized.
  • The picture below is my simulation and i also i attached the GH file. (908.6 KB)

You don’t have any energy simulation results going into the recipe. Run the energy simulation component in your file and then the recipe should be recognized.

thank u Chris for your answer. I did it before. but I received the same error.

Hi @chris
I have tried every solution mentioned in a forum but still doesn’t work. I appreciate it if u can help me with that. it is the last part of my thesis.