Comfort Shade Benefit Evaluator Not Working!

I am following the performance network videos and I arrived to the comfort shade benefit evaluator. The component seems to be working fine without giving an errors but the result is not correct. (See attached image)
I am using Rhino 7 latest update and Ladybug legacy 0.69.
Any idea why this is happening?


The Legacy plugin is deprecated in Rhino 7 since a number of Rhino’s intersection functions are different there. I will try to add a LBT 1.6 version of the shade benefit component soon that works in both Rhino 6 and 7.

But, for now, you will have to use Rhino 6 if you want to use the Legacy Shade Benefit Evaluator.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply. Yea I figured. That would be great, I think its a nice component to have!
It’s the same with the legacy visibility component, it doesnt work on rhino 7 as well. But at least that one already exists in the newest version of ladybug that does work on rhino 7.