Comfort zone problem

ladybug is so nice component for us!

But I have a question.

I want to use Psychrometric Chart component,But this comfort zone is different from other analysis graph.(ASHRAE 55 standard)

i think comfort zone must be left.

maybe I should import drybulbtemp to radtemp, but it does not work.

Could you help me?

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4.Psychrometric (422 KB)


The function that is generating the comfort polygon on the psychrometric chart component is the ASHRAE 55 PMV model, which is the same as the one used in Climate Consultant. If the two polygons are not aligning exactly, it is probably because the 4 PMV parameters other than air temp and humidity are different between the Ladybug Psych chart and Climate Consultant (including radiant temp, wind speed, metabolic rate, and clothing level). Check these values on the first window of Climate consultant and make sure that you are inputting the same ones into the Psych Chart component.

If you want an ASHRAE 55 reference that will align more easily with the Ladybug Psych chart by default, I translated the code for the Ladybug PMV model from the open source CBE Comfort tool (

Hope this helps,



Thanks for your replay.

I checked first window of Climate consultant(like a photo), but i did not find the 4 PMV parameters.

is this Window true?

Could you tell me where I can find the 4 PMV parametersin detail.

Best Regards.

Is not the first window (no need to be so literal). Go ahead in the screen and you’ll see clearly what Chris intended.



I find IT!

Thank you very very much!!!

Sorry for a lot of question.

I could input other data into Psych Chart component.

But I have One question.

Indoors,Climate Consultant say that Rad temperature is same of dry bulb temperatuere.

So I insert Dry bulb temperature to Mean Rad Temperature of Psych Chart


But it does not work.

Can I input one data number to Mean Rad Temperature of Psych Chart


What should I do?

Best regard.


Always good to upload the file to see what is going on …



Sorry for such a late reply as things have been busy with my thesis recently. Also, sorry for the confusion about the page of climate consultant that has the comfort model info.

You can and should put only one or a few values in for Mean Rad Temperature input. Remember that this is the radiant temperature that is used to generate the comfort polygon and that radiant temperature is, itself, not plotted on the Psychrometric chart. Effectively, what you are telling the psych chart component to do there is to generate a comfort polygon for each and every air temperature for every hour of the year (so 8760 comfort polygons). Normally, I think that this process would run for hours into oblivion but I am glad that you get an error instead.

To further clarify, the “Comfort Highest/Lowest Temp calculated by PMV model” inputs on this climate consultant page are what are setting the radiant temperature of the climate consultant comfort polygon: