Comparing the result of BF and Ansys

Hi, I simulated a room in a windy climate with 2 windows (in front of each other) with Ansys in 2D and then I put a similar room in BF, as shown below: I put this room in a bigger room, selecting the one face of bigger room as its inlet and the opposite as outlet and all other faces as walls, including the test room walls. Could it be a way of simulating both interior and exterior of a case simultaneously?

I’m confused about the question here. Is it a modeling question or a comparison between Ansys Fluent and Butterfly?

You can model your room with wall thickness and put it inside a wind tunnel and leave input and output openings empty.

In fact it could be the modeling comparison when you need to simulate both interior and exterior flows . Well done, so I’ll try it soon and compare the results. When doing that is there any Y+ for checking the correct height of our boundary condition meshes?

I’m not sure if I know the answer to your question but check this link before running your validation studies: