Comparison between new HB version and old HB version

Hi everyone,
I’ve met a problem about the new ladybug version 1.2.0. In order to use the AFN component I updated the ladybug and honeybee plugins. But in practice I found the new version HB underestimate the heating and cooling load dramatically. The appendix is the geometry and program that I used to simulate the reference case modeled in both old and new version ladybug. The old version performs well but the new version did not. I think I have unified most important settings. Can anyone help check the program and tell me where the bug is?
Best wishsEP_validation.3dm (78.2 KB) (717.1 KB)

I think @chris did some work recently on AFN: Current most up to date version is LBT 1.3.0,
LB farthest right tab: set true and will update to 1.3:
I don’t have a ton of experience with AFN: But if you have not; try 1.3 and see if it fixes the issue

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Hi Trevor, thank you for your advice. What confused me now is not the AFN component. Actually in the validation model the infiltration rate is fixed. But the simulated heating and cooling load are much lower than what they ought to be. I suppose I have must missed some default settings. :weary:

Hi everyone I have solved the problem. I defined the exposed floor but not the ground floor. Now the 2 versions works similarly.