Compatibility Matrix?

is there an always-up-to-date website and/or matrix that shows what specific versions of 3rd party software are currently compatible with the current versions of Ladybug/Honeybee/Honeybee[+]? Specifically asking about:

  • DaySim
  • EnergyPlus
  • OpenStudio
  • Radiance

For example, I know that OpenStudio 2.5 is currently the latest OpenStudio version recommended to use with Honeybee, in lieu of the latest release, OpenStudio 2.7…but where is that information detailed?



coming back to my original question…the ‘OpenStudio Version Compatibility Matrix’ webpage ( is very helpful and I feel that Ladybug/Honeybee/Ironbug GitHub site(s) would benefit from having a similar matrix that is routinely updated…maybe something similar to this…

NOTE: this is just an example!

@chris, @mostapha, @MingboPeng

since OpenStudio 3.0 full release will potentially be released in Q2 of 2020, I bet there will be many many compatibility questions that come your way!

I strongly support this suggestion. Not sure if we have enough data or we want to go back and collect data about the older versions but we should definitely do this for the [+] plugins and python libraries.

@josh.greenfield, I see that you have some data already put together. Is this something that you are willing to contribute to the project?

I’d be more than glad to contribute towards this effort…let me know your thoughts on how I would make that a reality.