Compatible versions of Dynamo and Honeybee


I am running the latest releases of Dynamo (2.0.2) and Honeybee (tried both 0.1.8 adn 0.1.9), and whenever I try to runa sample file I get an error telling me HB is not installed.

I tracked honeybee-dynamo issue #89 in Github but it is closed and the error seems to persist… aparently it popped up again with a new version of Dynamo?

Can someone advise me on the “right” version /build of Dynamo to use?


Hi @FranR, As you probably already figured out Honeybee doesn’t play well with Dynamo 2. It should work fine with version 1.3.0 which is the one that I use for the development.

That also brings us some releases back in LB and HB, right? OK, I will check our setup and see what I can make of it.