Complex geometry for butterfly

Dear community.

I´m starting with Butterfly, I use the example of Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari for a own model. In order to create the geometry, I modelled it in rhino two examples: A simple box and a more complex geometry.

If I use the simple box, the results are ok:

But if I use a complex geometry for the same grasshopper file the result are really bad, and the time of calculation is one second, with this message:

(The vector are completely wrong and seems it ignores the Ushape, and read it like a rectanngular shape. )

Its there any advice about the geometry that I didnt realize?

Thanks for your help.

hi @gonchotorena , could you share the definition you are using for us to take a closer look?

Hello @OlivierDambron.

Sorry for answer so late, I was travelling.

I supose you ask for the grasshopper file, isn´t i? I will attach.

It is just the example of atrium of @mostapha and I only change the geometry. I model the geometri in Rhino, the same way I model for Honeybee, A solid for the volume, and I booleaned the windows. (437.4 KB)

Thanks a lot! Buttlerfly its the last plugin that I need to learn

Hi @gonchotorena The meshing generated do not fit your geometry.

Your geometry is U shape. Butterfly used the center for internal point. You need to use one point in the space of your model. I have helped you to set it. You can refer to it. (444.1 KB)
Here is the right meshing

And here is the right vector.


Really thank you very much! I will download the fixed example, and I will be take your advise, I didn´t know this fact.

Thanks again!