Complex geometry Glazing issues

Hello everyone and thank you guys for these amazing plugins !

I’m currently working on the energy modelling of Greenhouses gridshell and although it is the beginning of a long term project i’m still looking for an efficient way to perform glazing of complex shapes.

I’ve only followed the Energy modelling workshops so far so i may have missed some essential components or workflows to achieve my needs. But i’ve made an attached definition with all my current attempts to get a proper HBzone with the numerous windows faces i will always have to deal with in this project.

I first thought that i was not using the HBObjWGZ correctly, then after some readings it was maybe an upgrading issue, then effectively i had my Therm 7.5 that needed to be reinstaled, but then … I must be missing an essential HB tricks or workflow i guess …

So I divided my attempt in two series :

  • The Serie 1 : is a simplier version of the project step i’m working on but i’d be glad to achieve it first !

- The Serie 2 : is the real final direction of the project, which consist in sorting/dispatch faces to windowon one side and to an other material on the other, according to the winter sun and a pourcentage param.

Despite it is more complicated than the Serie one, it seems seems to create the same diversity of issues.

Until now, with the 5 different combinations of Serie 1, and the 3 of Serie 2, with and without using the different Glazing/window components, here are the logs i got from both HBZone component or OpenStudio component:

From OpenStudio - "1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** ** Severe ** BuildingSurface:Detailed=“00073E23257843B6A948”, invalid Construction Name=“ETFE” - has Window materials."**

>> Has to deal with the way i’m trying to assign too early a customized EPConstruction material ? Done it wrong ? I tried to reload it in the library but doesn’t change anything…

From OpenStudio - “1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** ** Severe ** BuildingSurface:Detailed=“000579CD749E46DFA5EA”, invalid Construction Name=“EXTERIOR WINDOW” - has Window materials.”**

>> Is it an issue in the way i define my surfs both as “WINDOW” (5) for srfType and Outdoors on the same component ?

From Create HBZone -“1**. Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘shdCntrlZoneInstructs’”**

>> Happens when i try to introduce my ETFE EpMaterial after creating my first HBZone, with a Set EP Zone Construction, so this material seems to be not working either before and after trying to create an HB Zone

From Create HBZone- "1. Solution exception: 73df51a3b2144b1e858b has been moved, scaled or rotated."
If you need to move or rotate a Honeybee object you should use Honeybee move, rotate or mirror components. You can find them under 12|WIP tab.

>> >> wich seems to exist in some on other thread Here and was a coding bug supposed to be fixed.

And last but not least …

From OpenStudio - “1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** ** Severe ** checkSubSurfAzTiltNorm: Outward facing angle of subsurface differs more than 90.0 degrees from base surface.

2. The simulation has failed because of this fatal error:
** Fatal ** GetSurfaceData: Errors discovered, program terminates” .**

I’m attaching the file with each attempt in this post. The definitions are disabled and the log already copied separatly so there is no need to compute each of them to see what’s wrong.

If someone from the beginner to one of the Kings of HoneyBee has any relevant answer/solution to this attempt with complex geometry Issue it will be really nice for me so i could to move forward !!

Thanks in advance guys and have a great day ! (1.49 MB)


It’s usually a good idea to start simpler and then you can work your way to complex geometries. I would recommend just getting your simulation to work with a box or a dodecahedron and then you can work your way to more complex geometries. Alternatively, a simpler study like a Ladybug solar radiation analysis may be all the you need to evaluate whether a given facet of your shape should be glazed or opaque.

In any case, I can recognize one major error in your file is that you have tried to add windows as HBSurfaces. For energy simulations, windows must always be assigned as sub-surfaces of base surfaces.

See these videos:……


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Thank you Chris for this pretty quick answer !

I’m going to watch theses videos right now…

But in any case, the radiation analysis isn’t matching my needs since there is a direct relationship between the total radiation received on the shell (that i try to increase) and the shell surface area (that i’m trying to minimize according to heat Loss)… After Optimization, it leads to an irrelevant pareto front, thus the need to measure inside performances and microclimate data to be abble to compare results properly …

Anyway, thank you very much fo your help and as you said, i’m going to improve the definition on a more regular shape to quickly isolate geometrical issues from basic HB mistakes i’ve made

Best regards