Complex geometry

Dear expert,

I’m working with a complex geomtry. I’ve decided to divide the geometry for material (int_wall, ceiling, floor, ecc) and then associate every material at the respective honeybee surface. The problem appears when I run the simulation because the values of illuminance on the grid are really high like if the grid was “an plein air”.

I’ve then checked the file geomtry.rad, that hb use for the simulation, in radiance and really the geometry is wrong (partially present) . But the surfaces seem be right in the grasshopper canvas as you can see in the image and into Rhino view (every surface is highlighted).

Any advice??

Thanks in advance,


Remove the join component and it should work. When you join breps together Honeybee data will be gone.

Dear Mostapha,

Finally I have found out the problem. Proceeding as you suggest the problem switch to the geometry, that is the real question. In fact working in Radiance I have found some “bad polygon” that are composed by a simple line (2 coordinates). Deleting these lines and using this new geometry in the HB .bat file the output results seem to be correct (illuminance values from 600 to 2000 lux).

Unfortunately I can not use the original geometry, and then honeybee, since I have a complex geometry and I can not find the famous lines.

I don’t know if already exist a control that allows the by pass of wrong geometry (as in my case) and go on with the simulation, but might be interesting create one.

Thanks again,

Hi Giuseppe,

In the newer versions of Honeybee the geometry check is added so you shouldn’t be worried about it (…).

For now you canuse Grasshopper components to remove the surfaces, either by counting the number of vertices or the area of surfaces: