Component request

Hello team,

I was wondering if I could request a simple component for Honeybee.

Sometimes, during the set up of the model, I will combine zones in order to set zone loads and parameters (e.g. same types of spaces in order to apply ASHRAE 189.1 lighting power densities). However, the output of the set loads component (in this case) gives zones as referenced breps which makes it hard to decompose them.

I was wondering if a component could be created that would allow an easy decomposition of the zones. For example, it would be very useful to select air conditioned zones out of a batch of honeybee zones (coming out of the solve adjacencies component for example).

Hope this seems useful to someone. Or it might be I need more efficient workflows.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a great idea! I think we have some of them already there and some of them can be added/fixed. Can you upload an sketch of what you have in mind.

I agree that we could use some more of these. Here’s the set of all the separating components that we have now:

Let us know which ones we should add. Conditioned/Unconditioned sounds like a good one.


Hi Chris,

I admit I might have been a bit more enthusiastic than I intended. I have only thought of the case of a conditioned/unconditioned component. I’ll try and brainstorm some more but I know that I will probably come up with something else only through modeling.

One note would be, if it is possible of course, to be able to output the zones by name (if provided in the create zone component) and not as referenced breps? Please correct me if that is there somewhere. I am not sure this merits a component of its own, but it would greatly help selecting zones after the are separated by these components (since in complicated models I usually go around using an external simulation log and not the actualy geometry).

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Ok. Conditioned/conditioned is on the to-do list:

Let us know if you think if anything else.

You can use the Honeybee_Ask Me component to get all of the names of your zones. Also, the Label Zones component can output the text strings of your zone names if you only want the names in one list. I might be misunderstanding, though.


Huh, I did not see that component. My bad. If I can connect the output to a honeybee selector and select zone by name then I’m cool :slight_smile: Although, since there already is a separate by program this is a very minor issue on my side.

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Separate by material (EP/Rad)?


Are we talking about a search component? So you can put a keyword and serch elements similar to what OpenStudio has:

This sounds about right.

But … there are actions that you want to do at the zone level (for instance, change program) an at the surface level (change a material for some orientation, or window type, etc).

BTW today it was the first time i used the SeparateByOrientation, and i don’t get the output. It gives a vector, but i don’t get which vector is it. Of the exterior walls, of the zone … or? And there is something i can do with this output? Maybe i’m not enough focused …


BTW today it was the first time i used the SeparateByOrientation, and i don’t get the output. It gives a vector, but i don’t get which vector is it. Of the exterior walls, of the zone … or? And there is something i can do with this output? Maybe i’m not enough focused …

Hi Abraham, This component is most useful if zone have glazing only on one side. For the use case imagine if you want to change the glazing construction for all the walls facing west to be different. You can use this component to separate the zones, find the ones facing west and change their construction.

Vector list shows the vector direction of glazing/outdoor faces. Here is an example: (70.3 KB)

Hi Chris,

I know I am going through a series of old conversations, but I am trying to hunt down a better way to select zones by their name, rather than using the Ask me component to know that the 10th zone from the top is the “Closed Brep” that you need to select with the item selector to pick out that zone.

Has there been a new updated/added component that I am missing that allows this? In writing my exercise tutorials for some workshops I’m hosting this weekend, one of the phd candidates who is trialing it for me has expressed his frustration that he needs to do these extra steps to figure out which zone is which after he has already named them. In the tutorial, I just have them splitting two zones to show how you can edit one zone separate to the other.



Hi Elly,

You can use Honeybee_Label Zone component to plot all the zone names in the center of the zone. It’s under 00 | Honeybee. Is that going to do what you’re looking for?


Hi Mostapha,

Sorry for the delay in reply, I didn’t notice your reply from last year until we came to the new forums !

No, what I am after is within Grasshopper itself. When you use Honeybee’s item selector, it allows you to choose from numerous ‘Closed Breps’ depending on the number of closed breps input. All I have been able to do in the past is cross check against the visual in Rhino to check which number in the list of closed breps relates to which zone. The label zone component seems to allow me to see which zones are where, but the actual use of those names in grasshopper to select the zones are still limited to the number in the list.

Essentially, I was asking if the list of closed breps could be renamed to their actual names, rather than needing to flick between two screens to make sure I’m selecting the correct zone.

Unless this function is already there, in which case I’d love to be pointed to it! =D


I do have a couple new components to selectZonesbyName, setEPConstructionByName, setAirWallByName, etc. But only used in one of our airport project with complex zone settings. I will clean the code and push to the next honeybee updates.



@MingboPeng Your custom components sounds very friendly-using. I am waiting for it.