Component suitable for calculation of light scattering and uniformity

What component is used to compare the scattering of light passing through a cavity with a glass cap versus a liquid-filled cap that scatters light from the concentrated state?

I doubt if there is a specific component in the Ladybug Tools ecosystem that can address what you are asking. I guess the question worth asking is if Radiance, the lighting simulation engine that Honeybee and Honeybee[+] use, is able to do what you are looking for.
Typically, assuming that you know the refractive index of the materials that you want to model, you’d assign these materials as dielectrics. If I remember correctly, for the effect of dielectrics to be evident in the simulation, they need to modeled as closed surfaces with thickness. Things get somewhat interesting from there on as there are certain properties of dielectrics like caustics and light redirection that can’t be modeled using classic Radiance. You might have to rely on the Photon Mapping module to do that.


PS: This question is worth posting on the Radiance discourse with more details about what it is specifically that you are intending to accomplish.

thank you very much sarith
Well I’ve just passed through a small hole of light, but the output image looks very unreal. Can you take a look at the file? thanks thanks (500.9 KB)

I am not sure what exactly what you are trying here, but you can improve the renderings by adjusting the parameters. The artifacts in the renderings are due to low ambient (506.5 KB)

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