Concerns when creating a new material (PE film)

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I am conducting research on the shape and material of a vinyl(green) house, and I have a question regarding creating a new material such as pe film.

PE film is the window and wall of the greenhouse. At this time, I am wondering whether to create a material in HB opaque material or HB glass material.


Because the pe film is translucent, I think it should be created from HB glass material.
However, I’m worried that if that happens, it seems to ignore properties such as density, specific heat, and therm_absp.

I would be grateful if you could advise me.

Hi @imj06050215

As a pe film is very thin, it won’t accumulate that much heat and this factor will not have a huge effect on the outcomes of the energy simulation.

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Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you very much for your answer. It’s been a huge help.

I need to think about how to solve WWR 95 at Plastic House TT…