Conditional Statement

Dear all,

Would you advise on how to get the right information out of ConditionalStatement? In the SunPath component, I set the conditional statement to ‘a>15’ to show all sun positions where drybulb temperature is higher than 15 C, however, the sun path shows some values lower than 15 C (see below). I would appreciate if you tell me how to fix it to show only > 15C. Find attached .gh file.

Thanks in advance for your help

Condicional (394 KB)

Hi Jose,

This looks like a bug. We had one hour of discrepancy between data and sun position which is fixed recently. This might be happening because of that. I’m traveling right now but will take a closer look next week.



Thanks for finding and reporting this bug. I just fixed it:…

As Mostapha said, it resulted from a recent change we made to ensure that the solar position is aligned with the hours from the EPW.

Thanks again,


Mostapha, Chris et al,

Thanks so much for fixing the bug, it’s working perfectly. Furthermore, thanks for developing and promoting such a useful environmental plugins.