Confirmation of heating and cooling load


I am wanting to calculate the heating and cooling energy consumption of a building. In doing so, I want to calculate the heating and cooling load by dividing it by a fixed value of COP.

When I run the simulation(HB Model to OSM), I can see the energy consumption in the HB Read Room Energy Result, but can I see the value of the load?

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However, I can only see the daily load, is there any way to see the yearly hourly data?

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I am not sure where you are looking for. Energyplus before running the energy sumilation does a sizing simulation based on the ddy file. This is to understand what the peek loads will be during a year (hot summer day and cold winter day). After that it runs the energy simulation which outputs the hourly loads.
Maybe the file attached gives you some more understanding.

energy (93.0 KB)

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So I cannot get hourly heating/cooling loads?

The heating and cooling energy consumption can be calculated by dividing the heating and cooling load by the COP. What I want is the hourly heating/cooling load value. I am trying to calculate the energy consumption from that value and the COP which is always constant.

I originally used the VRF system to calculate the energy consumption of the air conditioner, and I did the simulation by changing the COP in the openstudio app. However, the COP is a rated value and not always a fixed value, but changes from time to time. (which of course it actually is).

But I want to use a fixed value and I need to know the value of the heating and cooling load.

According to Read Room Energy Result - HB-Energy Primer , For Ideal Air loads, this output is the sum of sensible and latent heat that must be removed from each room. For detailed HVAC systems, this output will be electric energy needed to power each chiller/cooling coil.

So am I correct in saying that if I run the simulation without setting up the HVAC system, it will give me the load values I am looking for?

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Now I understand. Yes the idealairloads gives you the required thermal energy. so you can use these outcomes to calculate the electric energy needed for each room.

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