[Confusion] Total Insolation Values & Total Solar Heat Gain Values

Hey folks!

Attached image is showing three values of:

  1. Radiation Result [KWh/m^2] falling on a building envelope using Ladybug_ Radiation Analysis Component.
  2. Total Radiation [KWh] using Ladybug_ Radiation Analysis Component.
  3. Total Solar Heat Gain [KWh] for all building zones, outputted using Honeybee_ Read EP Result.

A. First things first: which output from Ladybug_ Radiation Analysis Component represents total insolation “Total Incident Solar Radiation”? “Radiation Result” or " Total Radiation".

B. Also, if we can consider that “Radiation Result” is the right output to represent total insolation, do you think its values make sense in comparing with total solar heat gain values? I think there is a massive difference in values between both? Is this difference in values due to that the radiation result is considering both “Light + Heat energy”.Taking into account that all used materials are generic ones and windows are double clear air glass designed using WINDOW by Berkeley Lab.

C. Last thing, which energy simulation component in Honeybee that could be used to make benefit from “Radiation Result” output values of Ladybug_ Radiation Analysis Component in solar heat gain simulation. For now we simulate both values in isolated islands and the only connection is the EPW file. What do you think?

Thanks to all discussion participants in advance!