Connecting "solar water heating" component output to EnergyPlus simulation

Hello, I am working on some solar water heating calculations with components provided in Ladybug, I am currently using version 0.0.69. As in the image, calculations are made within the Ladybug components.

However, I need more to implement additional features (such as additional RES and storage systems) to my model, so I wonder how can I integrate SWH components to the EP which I can get IDF file and be able to edit it as I want.
More specifically, I want to use runEnergySimulation component in my model to use additionalStrings_ method so I can add features.

Thanks from now.

Hey @mumtaz ,

I recommend using LBT 1.5 since the honeybee components there have full support for service hot water specifications. Granted, they don’t yet have any native specification for solar hot water but you can create a base SHW system from honeybee and then use the OpenStudio application to add solar collectors into the SHW loop.

@chris thanks for your reply I will install LBT 1.5 and update the results.