Connecting the location to the daylight factor script

Hi everyone.

I am using this script which calculates daylight factors.

I would like to know if it is possible to calculate the daylight factor according to where the building is located in the world. Is it possible to edit the script so that it uses epw file, for example, instead of using ‘uniform sky’? Are there any youtube or website which discuss about it?
I can send the script if that helps.

Many thanks for the help,


Hi Say,

You should take a look at the much more updated Ladybug tools (or LBT) 1.3 instead of the legacy workflows.

You might want to do other types of simulations than daylight factor if you want them specific for your region, as the daylight factor is a generic definition that is not based on local climate. Although it’s still a good metric if you work in areas with a lot of overcast sky.

Take for instance a look at the Daylight Autonomy ( DA,300,50%) definitions in the European standard EN17037 or the spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) that is defined in IES-LM-83 and used in LEED.

Best Mathias Sønderskov


Thanks a lot for the advice. I will look into what you mentioned!