Construction Sets

Maybe this is something already in place but I haven’t found it yet but.
Are we gonna ever get the option to use templates for Construction Sets that are not “nonresidential”?
It would represent a great addition being able to select Construction Sets between:

  • Nonresidential
  • Residential
  • Semi heated

I think this could be added to the Honeybee Construction Set by Climate component.

PS. I tried to set up the residential preset base program to check if the previous component was sensitive to that but it wasn’t. It keep the same constructions as nonresidential.

Hi @CarlosKellyGro ,

This wasn’t really something that I had on the agenda since, for the most part, the construction specifications for Residential and Nonresidential are pretty similar in ASHRAE 90.1. There’s obviously a big difference between the two when it comes to HVAC systems or ventilation standards but I know the constructions tend to be pretty similar.

I also know that the Semi-heated construction specifications can be very different from the other two so that might be a stronger reason to support construction sets for these different building types.

Maybe it’s worth asking what particular criteria in the nonresidential construction sets that doesn’t hold up for the residential case? Also note that you can always start with one of these construction sets and then tweak a construction or two if it doesn’t conform to your particular case:

Thats the thing, i’m working with semiheated (very common for warehouses) and it is pretty different. I just did the try with residential because i didn’t know if at least that one was in place already.
I’ve also noticed that we cant select from Unheated/heated in slabs.
Hopefully this will get added and reviewed for next release and that would give us a more powerful tool to jump from ASHRAE’s Table 5.5 categories and opaque elements types!

Good to know. I opened an issue for it and I’ll try to implement it when I get the chance:

I have a lot of other things that are on my agenda to implement so it will be a while before I can get to this. If someone else wanted to take a stab at updating the honeybee-energy-standards repo before I get to it, I would be happy to review and merge.