Context Geometry for Daylight

Hello Mostapaha,

Quick question. If all my context geometry is fixed, can I put them all as additional RAD files and leave HBObjects empty?

I am guessing it doesn’t work that way. I get an error saying

1. Input parameter _HBObjects failed to collect data!

If I put my surrounding buildings as brep HBObject and the rest (mullions, columns, etc.) as RAD files… should it work properly?


The answer is yes. The warning is because of a future change to add an auto-check for required inputs. For now you just need to connect at least a single HBObject to the input. The workflow that you’re describing is exactly why there is such an input. Especially for parametric studies it will save you time and resources.

Hello Mostapha, sorry for writting so late, but, Im trying to do that but its doest work. If I put a BREP → HBZONE → Aditional RAD in Radiance Simulation, this says it null, and the result is the same as I dont have the context.

Its possible to show a screenshot of the process please?

Thanks for your help!

In your case connect them to HBObjects. There is no difference between the context and other faces in the study.

Thanks, thats work now.

My problem was I attached the context at the end, I mean, in HObjets imput of Rundaylightanalisys I had two cables: one for the analysis zone (With adjacent, materials…), and other only with the context (without materials, just the Hobject), and then I had the error.

I found I have to attach only one cable in Hobjet input of Rundaylightanalysis.

thats work now