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Hi everyone,

Thanks to @mostapha we can modify the reflectance of the surrounding context of a Building with the python programm in the model attached. My aim perhaps is quite stupid but do you think it is possible to assign different reflectance according to different materials as percentage of the surface glazed? In fact in this example the goal is to input 0.2 for the 6 first surfaces, 0.1 to the 7th surface, and so on.

If someone has an idea how to write it on Grasshopper Python


180716_Model Context Reflectance.3dm (146.7 KB)

180716_Context (181.5 KB)

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I am assuming this is just a sample you have put togather to show what you’re trying to do. If this is the actual model then why don’t you manually group the surfaces?

If this is not the actual model, then I believe there needs to be some logic based on which grouping will be done. Can you elaborate on that?

As you can see on the .gh file there is only one way to connect the “HBContext” to the “Run energy Simulation”, it can’t be grouped manually. I connected a pannel after the python tool which incorporates the new “Reflectance” to see how the reflectance is assigned to the surface. Perhaps this kind of schema’s exemple according to the model will help you to see what I wish to do :

And I attached the .gh file anotated
180719_Context (182.6 KB)

And yes it’s only a sample because I can’t give the original file, the firm doesn’t allow me to do that. My apologies

This seems doable in the Python component in your file. The length of the list of surfaces and the list of reflectance values will have to be the same. So the component simply runs through all the surfaces sequentially and will assign reflectance values. Is that what you’re looking for?

Exactly ! But my knowledges in Python are poor …

180719_Context (187.8 KB)

Thamk you very much ! I did few changement but it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Hi Benjamin

I was wondering if you managed to do this completely or not. I’m trying to change the reflectance of my context because I’m using the component to model a shading system (not a typical one, so I can’t use the built in shading component). I’ve been looking through your script and there seems to be a lot of loose connections and when I test it, it doesn’t seem to work. Any help is welcome :slight_smile: