contourMesh component/ creating new mesh verticies following solar analysis

Hi! I am trying to use the colors performed by the solar analysis to create new mesh verticies. I think using the contourMesh component would be successful, I am just unsure what to attach to derrive these countour lines. I have also tried to go the route of Deconstruct Mesh by its colors using the gradient tool. I didn’t have much luck with that, but that would also be a possibility. My last resort is to bake the colored mesh geometry and apply points manually, but I don’t think the results would be as accurate. ANY HELP AT ALL would be so greatly appreciated! I’m a newbie. Thank you!

Parametric facade_solar (420 KB)
Ladybug analysis.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hi Alaina,

If you are trying to derive RGB values then following is a way to go about it.

Dear Alaina

First Preview off Pt and Preview Mesh Edges (Ctrl + M on Grasshopper)

Thank you so much, Devang! This is what I’m hoping to do. However, once you have this list of RG&B numbers, do you know how to convert them to points on the mesh? I feel like the Numbers to Points component is what I want to do-to convert a list of numbers to a list of points-but there is an error that I don’t understand. Is this the right strategy?

Thank you!

Hi Alaina,

If you only intend to use the black values as shown in the image attached then I believe a simple move component can be used to move points. I am not sure I understood correctly here. Do you want to move points based on black color value?